Breckenridge Baby!!!

Breckenridge Baby!!! I just spent the entire weekend, just me and my wife, in Breckenridge where we made our first attempt at snowboarding.  Yeah, we suck at it. 

We both were ass in the snow as much as were standing on it.  My poor wife bruised her tailbone and I… well I was okay.


Still sucked at snowboarding though.

Ever since my wife and started talking we always talked about our “Kodak Moment”.  This basically meant that we would both go snowboarding together for our first time and get pictures of us eating it in the snow.  After 10 years we finally had our “Kodak Moment” and it went exactly as we had envisioned, both of us busting our face and/or asses in the snow…

I worked out last week and stuck to my diet all the way through Thursday of last week.  That Friday we left for the mountain and all bets were off as far as diet and exercise went.  I was a little annoyed when we finally got to Breck and went out for lunch.  We were walking down Main St. and just picked a place for lunch.  I look at the menu and they have BBQ Pulled Pork sandwiches.  “Hell yes, I want a BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich” I was telling myself.  But you know what I ended up getting… a damn salad.  My tum tum wanted a freakin’ salad over a delicious BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich.  Way to go diet… thanks for taking away my delicious craving for a juicy BBQ sauce smothered pulled pork sandwich .  My tum tum and I came to a compromise on the salad though.  I ended up going with a buffalo chicken wing salad.  Not the healthiest choice sure, but hey, I was on vacation.

Dinner didn’t go over so well either.  We went to the Breckenridge Brewery for dinner, because they have awesome beer, and I had already planned before we even got there that I wanted the Fish N’ Chips… Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but again, my damn tum tum wanted a freakin’ salad .  Also, has anyone else noticed that the layer between the fish and the breading is kind of soggy?  In my experience it has always seemed to be that way and it kind of kills the meal for me.  So, after I ate half the meal I ended up getting a side salad.  I killed the salad though because I put to much dressing on it , I guess I wasn’t really paying attention.  Hey, at least the beer was good though.  
I really didn’t think I would be working out over the weekend either, I was very wrong there.  Snowboarding is not easy at all and it was one hell of a workout.  My calves were on fire by the end of the day.  After our little snowboarding massacre we went and had ourselves these crepes which are pretty popular in Breckenridge.  It’s actually kind of sin if you go there and don’t get one.  They are sold out of this cart that sits right off of Main St.  called Crepes A La Cart, I strongly recommend it diet aside.  People wait in line for like an hour just to get one.  We were able to avoid the line because they had just opened up another location and they only told a select few people about it and I was one of the lucky few.  I ended up getting the Cheese Crepe Cake, so good, and my wife got the French Funky Monkey, super sweet.  Then for dinner it was a nice relaxing bath and an individual Horseshoe Pizza from Northside Pizza.

Obviously I cheated my ass off on my diet, but it was worth it and, besides, I was on vacation.  I ended up gaining two and a half pounds out of all of that.  That’s alright though because I’m getting right back into my diet and exercise.  Not going to lie, today was a bit of a challenge to find the motivation to workout.  But, as I always say, I stayed true to myself and pushed through it and made Total Body Cardio Fix my bitch.

My next vacay will be during Memorial Day weekend and I’m heading to Mississippi for a whole week.  Know what that means?  Southern Cooking !!!  Yeah, I’ll be cheating a lot while I’m out there, kind of unavoidable honestly.  It’s okay though because I’ll get right back into the swing of things when I get back and work all that deliciousness off.  Until next time, stay true and push through.

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