Progress Update: 21 Day Fixed, Time For Extreme

Well, this marks the end of 21 Day Fix and the beginning of 21 Day Fix Extreme.  I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about it.  The works are similar to 21 Day Fix (obviously), but a lot more intense.  Plus, Total Body Cardio Fix is replaced with Plyo Fix Extreme, or Power Strength Extreme, either way… rough .

So how did my progress go for the past two rounds of 21 Day Fix go?  Obviously, the first week was the roughest and the sorest, but by the end I was able to complete every routine and exercise without having to break during the workout to catch my breath and let my muscles collect themselves.  I was so excited when I got through Leg Day without a break.  My biggest accomplishment was definitely finishing Cardio Fix without stopping, even made it through the burpies, at my own pace, but I didn’t stop and I made it through.  In total I’ve only lost 3 pounds, but I’ve lost over 15 inches collectively which is something to be proud of.  Here is a comparison from last rounds to the end of this round:




Measurements Before

Measurements After

By looking at the “Before and Afters” I know its not a noticeable difference, but I did loose another 6 inches which is nice.  This also just means that my body is probably accustomed to the workout, which means that this is a perfect time to change things up and get started on 21 Day Fix Extreme21 Day Fix Extreme will put a shock on my body and hopefully by the end of the next 21 days I can see some real improvements with my size and weight.  I imagine that my container count may increase since my workouts are going to be more intense.  I’m going to try and maintain my current container count and change things up as needed.

Here is a breakdown of what to expect for the next 21 days:




I’m curious to see how the first week goes and how sore I will be.  I’m definitely counting on the first week to kick my ass, but I’m hoping by the third I’ll be more used to it and at least have my form down.  I’m not sure if I’m just going to do one round or two, I’ll just see how I like things after the first round and decide then.  Wish me luck and remember to always stay true and push through.

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