I Got Knocked Down But I Got Back Up Again

“Hi Jeremy”

Hi… you…?

“So, where have you been?  How have you been slugger ?  Haven’t read ya in a while”

Um…well, whoever you are asking questions in my post, why don’t you just read this one and you can find out all of that?

TLDR:  I twisted my ankle, but after a month I’m back at it again, oh and we got mountain bikes.

Go figure the first day I get from my little family trip, work out, put my girls to bed and then fall down the stairs and pop goes my ankle.  Obviously, I was not about to workout on a sprained ankle for the rest of that week, so I kept it elevated and hobbled around like a penguin.  I tried to see if I could handle working out every Monday there after and for the past, what, month I think it has not been very successful.  As long as my right foot stayed straight I was fine.  The second I pivoted to the side however, Holy Jeebus! Forget about it!  It would put me down in the fetal position and back to the “hobbling penguin”.

“Well didn’t you ice it, like your supposed to?”

Yes, I did, Unknown Typer…  At least, I did a few times…  Okay, I didn’t ice my foot as much as I should have. But enough about icing my foot.  Actually I’m happy to say that it is finally doing a lot better and I’m back in the game.  As of yesterday, I started 22 Hard Corps over again, not that I got very far last time (I think I only did the first day and then I fell down the stairs…).

“You’ve been keeping up your diet though haven’t you, big guy?”

Ugh, okay maybe not as well as I could have.  I haven’t been horrible about my diet, but I have been great at it either.  I’ve had a few cookies, ice creams , burgers and probably a few more carbs and sugars than I should have during my little recovery.  But, I haven’t gained any weight, maybe a couple of inches though.  I haven’t measured myself in a while, just mirror checks.

Ultimately though, my anonymous typer, I’m back in the swing of things and I’m just as dedicated as I was before.  In the past, at this point I would have just given up and say “I don’t need to do this.  I’m fine just the way I am.”  I didn’t let that happen though and that is an accomplishment for me.

I still struggle every day to find the motivation to workout – my wife makes sure the diet part is under control – but I make myself do it everyday.  For me it’s not something I want to do, it’s something I have to do.  That may not be the best way to look at it, but that is what works for me.  I have to treat it like a chore and not something I enjoy doing.  Like I said in the beginning of all of this, I don’t like working out.  Never have, but it’s something I know I need to do to be healthy and fit.

Man, that was a bit of a ramble.  My bad, but hey, that is what posts are for, right?  Well, I’m not done yet.  I wanted to mention something very exciting, at least I’m super excited about it.  My wife and I got mountain bikes!

I got a Diamondback Recoil 29er.  My wife got a Fuji Addy.   


I haven’t ridden a bike since I was a kid, I’m talking like Elementary School type of kid.  It’s no lie that you never forget how to ride a bike.  Took a little bit to get familiar with it, but I love it.

Like I mentioned before about not moving my foot sideways, I have been able to ride my bike before this week just fine, as long as I didn’t fall to my right.  So, I have been out riding my bike a few times.

Once as a family around the neighborhood.  That didn’t go so well because my daughter is still learning how to ride and she freaked out when we went down a hill.  Fortunately, my wife got in front of her and made her stop.  Poor kid is afraid of going fast now.

The second time was just me and my wife.  We went out on a bike ride for one of our dates.  It was awesome.  About nine miles all together.  Found a little trail just around the corner from our house that four miles one way.  Then we rode our bike to our favorite breakfast restaurant for breakfast.  Then we rode to Starbucks to hang out for a little while then we rode on back home.  I’m really looking forward to doing that again soon.

The most recent one was a total bust.  We went to this trail a few miles north of us that was right next to a park for the 4th of July.  We figured we would go ride the trail and then let the kiddos play at the park for a while and have lunch there.  Well we didn’t really scout this trail out to know what to expect and my wife was pulling my two daughters in a trailer hooked up to her bike.  She is a lot more fit than I am and she was struggling.  Plus, the terrain was a little to rough for a trailer, so we had to call it short.  Park and lunch was good though.  We plan on trying that trail out again with just me an my wife soon.

Well that’s enough jibber jabber out of me for this post.  Remember to stay true and push through.

TLDR:  I twisted my ankle, but after a month I’m back at it again, oh and we got mountain bikes.






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